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Brookeland, Texas

Rayburn RV Hideout is pleased to offer propane to our guests,

neighbors and the public at competitive prices!

Propane is normally available 7 days a week* for your convenience.
*Provided a license person is available to sell propane.  Daylight hours only.
Call (409) 698-3137 to check.

We also visually requalify propane cylinders!





















Current Propane Prices

Effective December 7, 2018 and current as of December 7, 2018

Propane Cylinders must meet Texas Railroad Commission Requirements to be filled.

We cannot and will not fill any cylinder or motorhome that does not meet the requirements.

We will not fill any cylinder or motorhome that we feel is unsafe.

We visually requalify propane cylinders - $8   Click here for Requalify Information

We do not change valves on propane cylinders.

(A propane cylinder is also called a propane bottle or propane tank)

* On January 23, 2017 the RRC Texas announced due to Federal Regulations that all cylinders would have to be recertified at 10 years (instead of 12 years) and it was retroactive.  On January 27, 2017 the RRC announced that due to the review of all recently changed Federal Regulations ordered by President Trump that the recertification due date would return to 12 years until further notice.

Our location in Northern Jasper County makes us a short drive from Pineland, Hemphill, Jasper,  Sabine County, Northern Newton County, Powell Park and Rayburn Park area.  We can refill your propane cylinders provided they meet the above criteria, we can purge new cylinders and fill motorhomes.  We can also recertify cylinders that are past the inspection date and pass the inspection.  We sell propane 7 days a week as long as our certified person is available - call us to check.   We do not sell propane after dark, before sunrise or if there is close lightning in the area.  We accept cash - checks - credit cards for propane sales.