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Leaving this page implies you have read and agreed to the user agreement.

Rayburn RV Hideout Wi-Fi/Internet User Agreement

Rayburn RV Hideout provides complimentary (free) wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access via a LAN wireless network with several access points located in the park.  Once connected to the access point you then proceed to the gateway to log on.  It is important to note that with any wireless network it is possible that your data could be intercepted.  It is up to the user to determine what data is transmitted over a wireless network.  Rayburn RV Hideout does not assume any responsibility or liability for information transmitted between your device and the intended destination.

Rayburn RV Hideout will not assume responsibility for the safety of equipment or for harm done to computer configuration, security or data files resulting in connection to the Rayburn RV Hideout wireless Wi-Fi.  Virus and security protection is the responsibility of the user.

The user is responsible for setting up their equipment to access the Rayburn RV Hideout wireless network. Rayburn RV Hideout may provide limited technical assistance to assist wireless users connecting to our network. Rayburn RV Hideout is not responsible for any changes you make to your device settings and cannot guarantee your device will work with our wireless system.

Rayburn RV Hideout does reserve the right to limit bandwidth on a per connection basis.  This will insure network reliability and fair sharing of network resources for all users.  Streaming video from such services as Netflix or other high bandwidth sites is prohibited. Repeated attempts to stream high bandwidth sites will result in the removal of your device from the network.

Rayburn RV Hideout DOES NOT filter or restrict any websites.  It is YOUR responsibility to have the filters in place on your devices.  It is prohibited to use the Rayburn RV Hideout WiFi/Internet system to spread spam, viruses or other harmful materials on the World Wide Web and/or conduct any illegal downloads or business.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Rayburn RV Hideout WiFi/Internet User Agreement Dated: December 2, 2017