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Our park is nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas which is also called the Texas Forest Country at Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas.  Unlike many other parks, you won’t find rows of RV upon RV so close together you cannot walk between them.  Our campsites are blended in with nature and the trees in the park.  Each of our campsites is unique and we have tried to retain the rustic feel of a campground in the forest.  Our campsites are graveled, have a picnic table and fire ring with full hook ups (Water – Electric – Sewer).  Our park is surrounded on three sides by US Army Corps of Engineer land and is fronted by FM-1007.  We also offer our guests a climate controlled bathhouse.

The idea for Rayburn RV Hideout started many years ago by an individual who when fishing and camping across the country was tired of staying in cramped campgrounds with marginal facilities.  He had a dream of a campground that was not too large, but yet not too small, one with bigger than normal sites and lots of trees.  A campground with nice facilities for showering or doing laundry.  From those ideas Rayburn RV Hideout was born.

The current owner purchased the park from the original owner in 2002 and has continued to improve on his dream.  Over the years all the sites were graveled, picnic tables added, sites reworked, high speed Internet added as well as a propane station.

With our park size of 24 sites we are not a park where you can get lost in, and we know our guests by name and not a site number.  We have been asked many times why we do not expand our park and we feel our park is the right size where guests are friends and we don’t want to change that.  We feel our larger than normal sites are more enjoyable than trying to squeeze in a few more sites, and we prefer our shade trees over bare earth.

We hope you have enjoyed touring our park through our website.  We are proud to show you many pictures, and show you pictures of each site rather than a couple dressed up to look good.  We want you to say when you visit that our park is just like our website, not wonder where we took the pictures on our website.  We continually update our website to reflect the current look and information, and yet also show you the past, our rare snowfall for example.

If you have any further questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Follow us on our Facebook page for current happenings in the park and we hope that you think of us when you visit Lake Sam Rayburn and enjoy some Texas Friendship!