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There is a saying about weather in Texas, just wait awhile and it will change.  We are known to having hot, hotter, inferno and Christmas too!  I like to say we have 10 months of beautiful weather and 2 months of summer.

We are located at the northern end of Jasper County.  Our weather is influenced by the Gulf of Mexico located about 120 miles south of us.  This means our summers are generally humid and our winters are mild with the occasional blue northerner coming down to visit, but don't worry, they don't stick around too long.

Listed below are our averages for each month in our area.  Our winter days are cool and crisp with the occasional rain shower and the very rare snowfall.  We also have winter days when the air conditioner is running and shorts and t shirts are the norm.  Spring brings flowers that Texas is famous for with warmer days and nights.  Summer, well, it is summer and a cooling afternoon thunderstorm can cool us off, briefly.  Fall bring the welcome cooler air and it is time to break out the pot for some jambalaya or gumbo!

No Matter the season, we always welcome you to visit!

Seasonal Averages
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