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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive and their answers

Can you see the lake from the park?  No.  Lake Sam Rayburn is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers and they own the immediate land around the lake.

Can we ride 4 wheelers, ATV’s, Golf Carts or similar vehicles in the park, or around the park?  No.  Rayburn RV Hideout does not allow those type of vehicles to be operated in the park for several reasons.  The US Army Corps of Engineers prohibits motorized vehicles on their property.

Can we swim or launch our boat?  There are no restrictions on swimming at the lake front unless it is posted by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  There are no life guards so swim at your own risk.  We do not have a boat launch, but we are located close to several US Army Corps of Engineer boat ramps where you can launch for a fee.

How far are you from the closest town or shopping?  The closest town is Brookeland.  There is a Dollar General as well as fuel, tackle and  restaurants located about 2 miles from the park on R-255.  Jasper is about 15 miles away  and has a Brookeshire Brothers Grocery; Super Walmart; Lowes and many other stores.  Lufkin is about 50 miles way with more shopping.

Will my cell phone work?  If you are a Verizon or AT&T customer they will work.  If you have another carrier probably not.

Do you allow pets?  We allow well behaved pets and their owners.  We define a pet as a cat or dog.  We may limit the number of pets per guest/site.  Your pet needs to be under your control, leashed and CLEANED UP AFTER!  Your pet cannot be a nuisance to other guests (barking) or threatening or dangerous.

How much does it cost to go camping?  Cost information can be found on our rate page.

Why is there an extra guest charge?  This charge covers the addition costs of additional guests.  Most parks only allow 2 guests per site, we allow 4 before charging or an extra guest.

I want to leave my RV on an Extended Stay site, do I get a discount for the time I am not occupying it?  No.

Do I need a reservation?  You do not have to have a reservation but we recommend one.

Why do you charge a deposit on a reservation?  Because guests would make a reservation and never show up, or even have the courtesy to call and cancel.

Why are most of your sites unavailable on a holiday or event?  We have many guests that like to stay with us and they reserve far in advance.  We also have guests that stay with us seasonally or on an extended stay and those sites are unavailable.

Why do some sites cost more than others?  Some of our sites have more distance between sites or could be a pull thru compared to a back in site.

Do you offer a discount?  We only offer a discount of 4% for cash or check payments on Extended Stay.  We do not offer any other discounts.

Do you allow tents?  Absolutely!  Tents can be placed on either the pad or close to the pad.

Do you rent cabins or RV’s?  No.

Do you have an age limit on RV’s?  No.  RV’s must be in presentable condition.

Do you have Wi-Fi or high speed Internet?  Yes, we offer Wi-Fi in the park and upgraded our connection to fiber optics in 2018.  Check out our Wi-Fi page.

Do you have cable TV?  No.  There is no cable TV in the area.  Reception is possible on digital over the air channels from Beaumont or Lufkin depending on your equipment.

Do you have a pool or hot tub?  No.

Can I build a deck or cover for my RV?  No.  We do not allow decks or covers on our property.  We do allow a portable pop up cover over your picnic table or sitting area.  We do allow a set of stairs to be built for your safety for your RV if you desire.

Can I have a storage shed?  No.  We are an RV park with transient guests.

Can I have a cargo trailer?  Possibly.  Any cargo trailer would have to fit in your site and is subject to a $30 a month fee.  This fee does not apply to a cargo trailer used to haul a vehicle behind a motorhome.

Can I get mail in the park?  Basically no.  We do not accept letters or packages for guests.  We will accept a mail package from a forwarding service for a guest that is addressed to us (not the guest) and is sent once per month.  Should you need to receive mail it can be sent General Delivery to the nearby post office, or you can rent a P.O. Box there.

What is a Guest/Host arrangement?  It is the same arrangement that is used in hotels.  We are a transient RV park, meaning our guests can easily move their rigs and do so on a regular basis.  We do not require a lease (Our Site Service Agreement is NOT a lease) and we are not a resident park.

How does a question get listed on this page?  Just ask it enough and it will get listed on this page even though all these questions are answered in our website, especially our Guideline page.  Who says campground owners do not have a sense of humor?