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Depending on the severity of the storm and the projected track of the storm we may implement part or all of our Tropical Storm or Hurricane plan.  Any coastal visitor should listen to state and local officials if a warning or watch is issued and follow their directions.

Hurricane Watch:  Hurricane conditions are possible in the area of the watch, usually within 36 hours.
Hurricane Warning:  Hurricane conditions are expected in the area of the warning, usually within 24 hours.

Our Storm Plan

48 to 36 hours before landfall

  • Determination if park will stay open or close
  • Black and Gray water tanks drained
  • Fill fresh water tanks
  • Secure all loose outside items
  • Awnings in
  • Slides in
  • Turn off hot water heater
  • Close propane tank valves
  • Fuel vehicles
  • Evacuate the area if ordered

36 to 12 hours before landfall

  • Sewer hoses will be disconnected from the system and capped
  • Water hoses disconnected
  • Trash cans tied down
  • Any loose items secured
  • Bathhouse (restrooms and laundry) locked
  • Water to the park shut off
  • Power shut off to park
  • Park closed

After Landfall

  • Park and utilities inspected for damage
  • Park remains closed until power is restored
  • Once power is restored:
    • Power turned on to the park
    • Water turned on to the park
  • Determination when park reopens.



What you can do

  • Fill fresh water tanks
  • Check your rig battery - replace if needed
  • Keep propane tanks full
  • Keep loose items around your rig to a minimum
  • Have a flashlight and spare batteries
  • Evacuate the park if ordered
  • Do not return to the park until it is safe to do so
  • Bring extra water and food with you on your return
  • Be aware of hazards - trees; power lines etc.
  • Discard any suspect food

Emergency Check List

  • Bottled Water - 1 gallon per person per day
  • Canned/Dry food - 5 day supply
  • Manual can opener
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Battery powered radio and spare batteries
  • Spare clothing, soap and personal items
  • Blanket, pillow and sleeping bag
  • Pre-paid phone card
  • Telephone numbers (written down)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Maps
  • Important/Insurance papers in a water tight container
  • Drivers License
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of residence
  • Medication
  • Extra pet food and water (if needed)
  • Emergency cash