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If you are on our system and leaving this page implies that you have read and agreed to the user agreement.

Rayburn RV Hideout Wi-Fi/Internet User Agreement

Rayburn RV Hideout provides complimentary (free) wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet Access to our guests via a LAN Network with several access points located within the park.  The connection between your device(s) and the access points are NOT encrypted.  Once connected to the access point you are directed to our log in portal to enter your user name and password.  It is up to each guest to determine what data or information is transmitted over the Wi-Fi system.  Rayburn RV Hideout does not assume any responsibility or liability for information transmitted between the guest’s device(s) and the intended destination.

Virus protection is the responsibility of the Guest.  Rayburn RV Hideout will not assume responsibility for the safety of equipment, software, security, data loss/corruption or any other damaged caused by connecting to the Rayburn RV Hideout Wireless Internet.

The guest is responsible to configure their device(s) to connect to the Rayburn RV Hideout Wi-Fi System.  Rayburn RV Hideout does not guarantee that your device(s) will connect to our system.  Rayburn RV Hideout may provide limited technical advice but is in no way responsible for any changes made to your device(s) in the attempt to connect to our system.

Rayburn RV Hideout reserves the right to limit the number of devices that a guest can connect to the Wi-Fi system.  Rayburn RV Hideout reserves the right to limit bandwidth to each device(s) and /or use bandwidth sharing software on our system to share bandwidth between guests.  Rayburn RV Hideout reserves the right to “throttle” or slow down connections of device(s) and/or guests, or to remove completely those device(s) and/or guests whose bandwidth is excessive or puts unreasonable demands on our system.

Rayburn RV Hideout will provide a user ticket(s) to each guest.  Each ticket is good for one device.  Rayburn RV  Hideout reserves the right to limit the number of tickets provided to each guest.

Rayburn RV Hideout is not responsible for system outages in our system, or in the system of our provider.

Rayburn RV Hideout DOES NOT filter or restrict any websites.  It is YOUR responsibility to have the appropriate filters in place on your device(s) if you wish to restrict access to any website.

It is PROHIBITED to use the Rayburn RV Hideout Wi-Fi/Internet System to spread spam, viruses or any other harmful materials on the Internet (World Wide Web).  It is also PROHIBITED and AGAINST THE LAW to download or upload any illegal material or use file sharing sites to avoid copyright and usage laws.

Rayburn RV Hideout Wi-Fi/Internet User Agreement Dated:  05/02/2024.