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Rayburn RV Hideout is pleased to offer propane to our guests, neighbors and the public at competitive prices!

Propane is normally available 7 days a week (provided a licensed person is available) for your convenience.  Give us a call (409) 698-3137
Propane sales during daylight hours only!  We Fill Motorhomes!  We do not fill forklift cylinders.

We also visually requalify propane cylinders!

Current Propane Prices
Effective February 9, 2024 and current as of February 9, 2024

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Propane Cylinders must meet Texas Railroad Commission Requirements to be filled:

  • Cylinders under 101 pounds are filled by weight only.
  • Cylinders are visually inspected for:
    • Obvious defects
    • Rust
    • Cuts
    • Dents
    • Bulges
    • Gouges
    • Corrosion
  • Cylinders must have a protective collar/cap and intact foot ring.
  • Cylinders must be DOT (Department of Transportation) approved.
  • Cylinders must be painted/coated to minimize corrosion.
  • Cylinder must be in date:
    • 12 years from the date stamped on the collar or
    • 5 years from the recertification date.
  • Cylinders pressure relief valve indicates no visible damage.
  • Cylinders that are a 4.2 to 40 pound capacity must be fitted with an OPD device.
  • Appearances alone can warrant cylinder not being filled.
  • No smoking in the transfer area.

Motorhomes must meet Texas Railroad Commission Requirements to be filled:

  • On board tank must be ASME approved.
  • Tank is in good condition and secure.
  • Must have engine/generator/refrigerator or any other ignition source turned off.
  • All occupants of the motorhome must vacate the vehicle while it is being filled.
  • No smoking in the transfer area.

We CANNOT or WILL NOT fill any cylinder or motorhome that does not meet the requirements.

We WILL NOT fill any cylinder or motorhome that we feel is unsafe.

We are licensed to visually requalify propane cylinders.  There is an $8.00 fee for this inspection and it is good for 5 years.

This fee is payable before the inspection and is NOT refundable if the cylinder does not pass inspection.
Non passing cylinders will be marked in accordance to the law.

The U.S. Department of Transportation laws require that LP gas cylinders be inspected and dated when they become 12 years old and every 5 years thereafter.  We cannot fill cylinders that have not been inspected and/or labeled in accordance with the law.  Specification 4B; 4Ba; 4BW and 4E cylinders specifically may be requalified by the means of a visual inspection.  There is a fee charged for this inspection, marking and record retention.

The visual inspection consists of:

  • Obvious defects
    • Rust
    • Corrosion
    • Cuts
    • Dents
    • Bulges
    • Gouges
  • Neck/collar damage
  • Foot ring damage
  • Valve condition including pressure relief

Appearances alone can warrant cylinder inspection failure.

If the cylinder passes the inspection it is marked with a label containing our inspection number and the month and year the inspection was performed.